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Many peoples doesn’t pay attention to how important is making a cup of best coffee after a long journey of best seed and processing.


  1. Use the water adequately so you don’t use a reheat from an excess water. Reheating excess water will make the oxygen content and some minerals evaporated. This is small and undetected but it is important in making coffee. It is the best to use fresh ground coffee and fresh water at once;


  1. Remember the movie Olympus has fallen? Morgan Freeman as the President order a coffee not in the Styrofoam. Store the fresh hot coffee in the porcelain at least not a Styrofoam, it is not healthy and not-tasty. Porcelain or mug glass is probably the best to have a cup of (hot) coffee. He seems never receive this coffee as the President even it was listed in bucket list previously for a Luwak Coffee;
  1. Hot fresh water of about 90 degree Celsius is the best to boil and cook the ground coffee, the solubility is better over hot water and the solubility may enhance by pressure (remember Boyle’s Law and Charles’ Law).

I will not be surprised if Albert Einstein is very good as a Barista as he knows thermodynamic quite advanced.

So it is like a combination of all things. A combination constructive wave is in my imagination when I want to make a presentation of these added parameters in making a perfect a cup of coffee.

The bigger wave was a result of added (or combined) many of small waves (parameters).

combined parameters to make a best coffee


If we summarize the best for a cup of coffee:

Best coffee seed;

Best Coffee Plant handling (using organic fertilizer);

Handpicked & Manual Process (excessive man-poser requirement);

Fresh water and fresh ground water;

Thermodynamic knowledge is an advantage;

HOW TO MAKE combined parameters to make a best coffee FOR YOUR MORNING WAKE UP CALL


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It is a debatable issue. Let’s discuss about this.


Java Arabica Specialty Coffee Bean is expensive.

Probably you are wondering that Arabica Specialty Green Bean Coffee price is too expensive then it is correct. Our website is a study and case of coffee price market willingness to pay. It seems that the price increasing in general.
We run this website with the intention to have a trial for a direct market from supplier with a cost reduction in shipping. We take a very narrow margin actually.
While we could provide buyers with low affordable price of green beans directly from Indonesia Green Bean Arabica Coffee Specialty Supplier & Farmer. We are actually trying to know its price further.
Yes, it is correct, we have an export query with a high price couple month ago and just now we are receiving a lower price. Even for us the farmer and marketing too, we don’t know the exact coffee bean price. LOL.

The price of coffee if it is connected with your cup of coffee then it will be more complicated case. A lots of thing to be considered.

If you are having a cup a coffee in a fancy place mid-town then easily to know that most of the price is needed to maintain or rent the building. We are also organizing a café (as a study case of downstream of coffee business) and most likely of about 40% – 30% of the price goes for the building. About 30%-40% may be for service and management (marketing and administration at receiving side are included here too) of the café and about 30% may be the coffee sources and (mostly) for handling at the receiving point (importer side).


Coffee farmers only have small chance from the fair trade of probably maximum at about 5% – 10% (from that 30% cost of coffee source cost).

If you have a kilogram of green bean coffee with 12 USD/kg at end user price. The farmer may have of about 0.5 USD/kg – 1.2 USD/kg. This end price also is a result from a long journey of a green bean coffee supply agreement with its own chain relation of some fees.

Couple months ago, I had an export opportunity, The green bean coffee which is a java Arabica specialty green bean under wet process was approve for the export. The deal was made a bit more then 4 USD/kg and total is of 10 metric tonnes and under CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) shipment agreement for another 1200 USD.

Total cost is of about 40 000 and 1200 (42 000 USD) so it is of about 4.2 USD/kg. I bet the price in the destination is of about more than 10 USD/kg (you may google green bean specialty coffee price is higher or equal to 10 USD/kg even in eBay.com and Aliexpress.com). Please take a note that inflation is always occurred as a reference to gold from money is not really made so the coffee price is also sort of inflated as always increasing almost like a gold price, perhaps organic black gold is coffee actually (our best product is at about 9 usd/kg including delivery cost to any major city in the world).


If coffee supply chain may be reduced and coffee supplier has a direct contact not only with a wholesale but also with small and retail needs, then it is a real better condition for farmer.

Summarizing the above issues,

How much the cheap coffee price is actually? It depends.

If you ask farmer, he will reply that it depends on the weather, harvest condition, coffee type, process type.

If you ask the café owner he will reply that it depends on the location, coffee type and the service for the coffee beverages.

So it depends on many thing.

But if you ask me (as farmer and downstream coffee business people), I will answer it will depend on marketing fee and market chain.

Please also consider, Arabica coffee is far ways different compare to Robusta.

coffee plantaion on the mountain northern Bandung Area

Arabica coffee shall be above beyond sea level, it is usually on or more than 1000 meters above sea water level. The contour is undulated to make it almost or really impossible to use machine in harvesting (or maintain it after the harvest period). The delivery cost from harvesting to fermentation pool and later to drying and storage area are quite a cost.


The basic price itself is different as the main reason that Arabica Coffee is (more) expensive.

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best coffee supplier type model volume options

Finding coffee supplier is easy but finding the most clicked one is not that easy. Getting the best one is more likely getting your real needs.

So the key to get the best one is only knowing and sharing your real needs. I know best coffee is the main stuffs to be considered. In this case as we knew it already, so I put it at the end.


Small and medium coffee supplier are sometime tricky as I found from related coffee forum.

One buyer ask to buy and the supplier sets it to charge the bill automatically. It is not honest. You ask to buy (you know the coffee type) and you pay it.

Bigger volume is done under shipping using real ship and import export relation. It is impossible to be the same story as the first one.

I offer business model with low or no risk for you as a buyer with the price as you will never meet on the market (compare to the risk that I may have). Currently the green bean arabica specialty coffee starts at 4.5 USD/kg and one of our best green bean arabica specialty coffee is at about 9 USD/kg (no delivery cost – you wait it for this coffee on your address under our standard packaging using plastic wrap, using simple paper box or simple wood box) and This is only applicable on most big city or a city with big harbour/port. Smaller and further city from port may require additional sort of FedEx or DHL service (we have to confirm to our shipping colleague first).

coffee packing ready for delivery

Real no-risk at your side (as buyer)?

Yes. If you can show us that you are a member of Coffee organization or we meet before (probably that you would like to visit our farm first) then we will send the coffee to your address (small to medium size – most likely less then 1 ton. After you confirm with our coffee on your address then you can pay it.

How to pay it? We can discuss it. Bigger size may be requested to be wired to our bank account. Small size may be done to paypal. Simple.

ripped red coffee cherries for processing

If you are a honest buyer after some closed-agreed transactions then I can send more coffee to you (I have many of them as I also have farms and I need some of green bean of specialty coffee for my cafe).


Taking less risk to buyer is a must.

That is our target in every deal. Small, medium or big volume deal. We respect any deal. We have cafe and a buyer always ask for a cup of coffee. We put this deal as the same order with bigger one.


It should be clear what kind of service is required. What kind of packaging is required.

We can also offer a different type of service. If you ask a big volume and for our best product (we have to discuss about this first) then probably we will offer you other service as our gift in additional to packaging, delivery, etc.

We love coffee, we love the coffee business, we love coffee peoples here and there. We take narrow margin with the expectation that you and your family like and love our coffee and farm. We grow our coffee and we love it. We share more coffee and we share our joys too.

You enjoy our coffee. Sit and relax. We make it for you as we love it.



This one of the major issues. How can you know that the coffee will meet your need?

Remember, price is at the other side of the coffee type.

Specialty and first grade of Arabica Coffee will be different to any Robusta graded coffee. There are many specialty coffee in Indonesia. I can point out at least three to four types of Java Arabica Specialty within or close to Bandung regions.

Let’s call it Garut Arabica Java Coffee or Preanger Coffee, the second one is Ciwideuy Arabica Coffee (it is similar but on the western side of another mountain and the last one is specialty coffee from Tangkuban Perahu Area. Which on the best one? It is up to you. Yes, you need sample(s).

Which is the best supplier? A suitable coffee type with your price. I think the best coffee supplier for this reason that you have to contact the farmer directly under your business scheme.

best cup of coffee with best roasted coffee on wood Okay


quality and presision of green bean qa and qc quality control


Related to local condition: best coffee seeds are the most important, suitable location (height, altitude) and local support. Many farmers (especially in Indonesia) are sharing best coffee tree handling from seedling to harvesting. It is simple but a collective jobs are required. No other ways here.

Related to farming plans: seed, fertilizer, handling and processing shall be using a most suitable ways (not necessary to the best way).
Best way may refer to longer time and more resources. Many farmers do not really agree to have it best way. The price may be more expensive and longer queuing time for processing may risk other unprocessed green bean/red-bean-harvested-coffee-fruit. Many of local fermentation and drying place are small or limited size in many farm in Indonesia. We use more appropriate way to make our best coffee. It is a sort of secret that farmers actually can adjust any type of coffee quality and taste results.

A group or a farmers in a region has an agreed ways about how to handle the coffee. It is the main reason if you really taste one coffee in Indonesia different between one to another.



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It should be very interesting to visit any of our coffee farm(s). Every farm has its own beautiful scenery.