Visiting a coffee farm in Indonesia is unique. As far as I know, no coffee farm (2015) is making one special tourism package under its farm so it is different compared to Kona Coffee Farm Tour, Costa Rican coffee Farm Tour, Colombia Coffee Farm Tour, Jamaica Coffee Farm Tour, Brazilian Coffee Farm Tour, etc.

Tasting Coffee, harvesting it (harvesting time is expected between early May – sometimes early/mid July), selfie between red cherries and others standard coffee plantation adventures are too ordinary.

You have to consider walking through active volcano between its hot water spring, hiking over the top of volcanic mountain, rafting on the hot water and beautiful tea garden plantation. If you love photography then our coffee farm is the best.


Please note, many of coffee farms in Indonesia are run by small to medium farmers (only about less than ten farms are under major company or a big private company). They (these farmers including my farm) usually have a close cooperation especially during/after harvest to settle the export and its price.

There are two big farmer in Indonesia so far. One is PTPN and they have a very big farms in many places and the other is Kapal Api. Kopi Kapal Api is only one very big company with a big coffee farm in Indonesia and its product serve a low-middle product named Kopi Kapal Api (they started last year or two years ago probably to provide a better coffee quality). Kapal Api has its own market and export.



Specialty coffee in Indonesia is usually produced by farmer under a collaboration with government. The government (especially Perhutani and Perkebunan) endorses and encourage farmer to plant coffee.

The farmers have another crop of production. They may have cocoa, fruits, gloves, peppers and other typical tropical farm as an additional. High request is always available for their main farm production is for vegetable, rice, corn and similar daily/routine farm production.

Coffee is another additional production for many/almost all of coffee farmer. We can assume that a centralized and specific coffee exporter in Indonesia is rarely only one person or one company. it is a bit difficult to organize a coffee tourism in Indonesia due to this previous concern. The Eco Coffee Tourism in Indonesia is available differently and it may be better than other country actually. I will describe further a bit detail.

There are many of coffee farms in Indonesia, it is too much to be explained here. From Aceh to Bali to Toraja, it is a very big area to be covered by this article. I will focus on the Bandung Region Coffee Plantation. The coffee in this region is considered to be one of the best specialty coffee in the world.


We know our coffee cup profile is very high, some says at 86+. The coffee itself, I know in detail as we are always having this coffee, is among the best one. Honey note, sour fruity taste, earthy, full body and no defect.

How is about the trip if you visit here? Only for best coffee?
You will have an experience to walk around, hike over and in some case through a real active volcanic mountain. Yes, you may walk in between the volcanic smoke and even you can cook egg and it there. Sound adventurous.


The fun things are also available. It is really fun. you may have a kayak/kayaking and rafting on the warm almost hot volcano water spring. I am not kidding. I tried it before. Only of about 5 USD one trip. It will be quite exhausted to have it twice.

Don’t worry, 3G phone service cheaply and free internet are available here. Even for me, it is cheap.

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