Yes, you read the correct one. You may buy our Green Bean Specialty Arabica Coffee using Bitcoin (if you want to buy using others eg. Ether, Lite etc, please contact us first).

I was discussing with a buyer from outside Indonesia and the discussion was quite interesting from coffee-business and also woods-business. It was not only there as I made another new decision that Bitcoin is applicable to buy our coffee.

We will propose the risk at our side, you can receive the coffee first, you confirm the quality and quantity and then you transfer the Bitcoin to our wallet. You receive our coffee first and you can transfer it. Easy and Safe.


We have many kind of coffees. Usually we only sell green bean coffee but if you want a small quantity of roasted coffee then this roasted coffee may also be available from us.

Our coffee is sometime called as Java Preanger Coffee and it is from Papandayan Mountain Area. It is considered as also one of the best arabica specialty coffee under many process (dry, wet or semi-wet).

coffee packing ready for delivery

Please inform us if you want to buy our coffee using BitCoin and it is better that you have a kind of notification first to use prior you transfer your BTX to our wallet.
We prefer to send our coffee first and after your acceptance and approval for our coffee  then you will have to transfer BTX to our wallet.

Small until medium size is always available here. If you are planning to be an importer (let’s say you want to import about more than 40 tonnes of green bean specialty coffee then it is also doable if we are a proven partner using Bitcoin from small to medium size), you may import our green bean coffee using Bitcoin and you may receive it first, we have to go through this quite after long and proven deals.

It is easy to exchange Bitcoin now here so we are making this possibilities.If you also want to visit our farm, it is also possible and it is actually amazing. It is sort of vacation visiting many beautiful volcanic scenery.

Our BitCoin Wallet: 1NwDiBSu5w8K3Z76uv8NKVGBKjnCgbHSmS

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