We are starting coffee business couple years earlier as we tried to run a simple and small cafe.
It was fun and we are still learning a lots about this coffee things.

It was probably in 2013 we decided to have our own coffee farm to secure our supply with best specialty coffee.
It was another fun learning here. We did many experiments about dried, semi or wet or other thing of beans processed. The results were amazing for us.
Dried or drier processed tend to make coffee a bit more or stronger acid taste.


While wet process is having more fans and a bit more complicated in term of harvest management as the pool submerging beans will take at least about 24 hours and it can be a bit complex if you have more beans (we are just starting with limited infrastructure).


We are also doing experiments about breeding and planning to have our own cross breed/hybrid coffee plants. We just receive a best seeds of Jamaican Blue Mountain and Best Gayo Seeds.


It will take longer time.

Coffee-Plant-1-one a half-year-old-chubby-cute-coffee-plant


We are still progressing with expanding our land acquisition and end up currently having our own land with about 50 hectares. 20 hectares of them is under preparation for timber and another land for coffee (the others 10 hectares is under preparation to be planted by a new type of specialty coffee plants).




We are also starting to have a right to use a uncontrolled/not-planted forest with a serious legal agreement with a branch of government division (it is a sort of agreement of most of crude palm oil company with government in Indonesia). This first place is planted coffee from couple years ago and it is in the eastern region of Bandung. The total area is 50 hectares.
We have the right from the government under a legal agreement. This branch of government is called PERHUTANAN.

We also have another place just right below Papandayan Mountain.




These Papandayan area is still under preparations now. It is about 50 hectares but is is only about 10 hectares ready now and it is belong to us.

Indonesia is very very large area and many of the forest is not monitored and used.
Under a restricted condition, we can use it under certain agreement.
So, here we are.
We are planning to expand to have more coffee and cocoa plantation as the land is at the region of about 900 meters above sea level.

We are progressing about in a right speed and we are having a good report so there is a possibilities for us to expand more. It seems we can have more land in the future to of about 100 hectares or even 200 hectares.
Acquisition and having right to use the forest are a very long process. I will probably explain it later.


We are considering also to enter cocoa and timber.
We are also wondering if someone out there is looking for specific commodities from Indonesia and would like to wait a longer time so we can start to plant it now.

It will not be palm oil. It is too much here in Indonesia and our land is high above in the volcanic region. It is not likely a land for palm oil or similar.

I will add more later,… something just call me up.

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